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Leo Gives Dustin Some Sugar

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Leo doesn't look like a dietician, but that doesn't stop him from trying to educate his friend Dustin about the evils of sugar substitutes. Don't worry, the educational speech at the start while the boys enjoy a lollipop soon makes way for some greedy bone sucking and butt fucking! Dustin leaps on his friend and the two make out, but as soon as their cocks are free for sucking they're getting to work on those gorgeous boners. With cocks slurped and Dustin's ass licked out Leo fills him up, fucking him bareback all over the bed! Watch for the awesome pile driving action!

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Little Dustin Gets It Good

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Sexy little Dustin and his gorgeous friend Krys are playing some innocent games when things get out of control. A little wrestling is all it takes to get their cocks throbbing and their need to jizz growing! Dustin gobbles on that big meat like a boy possessed, sucking his hung friend with the kind of hunger we would all have. Krys' style is more sensual and loving, slurping his friend's dong and turning his attention to his smooth ass for some rimming, but once he gets his big cock in there he really doesn't hold back! It's a rough and frantic fucking the fit young stud muffin delivers, with some reverse pile driving too before Dustin lays back and gets the cream pumped out of him, followed quickly by a flood of semen from Krys's big meat! This is how boys should spend an evening playing, in our opinion!

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