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Gay Pornstar Dustin Revees

Monthly Archives: October 2010

Horny Vampire Chains His Victim by the Throat

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Luckily there is more to see of the sexy scene between a Vampire (Aidan Chase) and his Victim (Dustin Revees). The victim is chained by the throat and taking orders from his vampire master. But it's obvious that this victim enjoys his work from the way he enthusiastically gets on his knees and puts the vampire's rod down his throat. It's a fantastic blowjob scene with even more detail in this great extended version.

October 15, 2010 dustinrevees Random Stuff 0

Uninhibited Twink Dustin Revees Loves Strange Sex!

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We can't take our eyes off of Dustin Revees! There is something mesmerizing about this twink's total lack of inhibition. As always he speaks very candidly while talking about his need for rough, aggressive, experimental sex. He describes in detail his ultimate porn fantasy which is to film a triple penetration, and he loves the idea of getting sucked to death by a vampire! If you think that nothing shocks you we dare you to get to know Dustin Revees by watching this outrageous interview.

October 14, 2010 dustinrevees Random Stuff 0

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